Students who have a 2:2 or a 3rd Class Degree that wish to progress to the UK For their MSc have the opportunity to study a Master’s Foundation in just 1 – 4 terms depending on subject and project route. 

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The Benefits of a Master’s Foundation

A focused pathway that is designed to prepare international students for postgraduate study in the UK

It offers you the opportunity to study a master’s degree at your chosen university

A guaranteed opportunity for progression to a partner university (subject to achieving the pass mark required), giving you peace of mind

The opportunity to study on the university campus, so you feel part of the university from the moment you arrive

Independence. Students are responsible for managing their own time, their independent study, completing homework, cooking, shopping and their budget

Your Tuition is really affordable especially for the 1 term(semester) Master’s foundation

ONCAMPUS offers a Number of centers That Offer A Master’s Foundation

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Quick Summary About Our Masters Foundation

A Master’s Foundation can be taught in 1 to 4 terms, depending on subject and progression route, though is generally taught in 3-terms (1 year). And offer successful students the opportunity to study a master’s degree at their chosen university. Students will typically study 2-3 modules, as well as English for Academic Purposes. English Language level is one of the most important requirements for university entry and can help fill in any academic gaps.

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