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Students who have a 2:2 or a 3rd Class Degree that wish to progress to the UK For their MSc have the opportunity to study a Master’s Foundation in just 1 – 4 terms depending on subject and project route. 

Apply for A Master’s Foundation

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Graduate In 3 – 6 Months

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The Benefits of a Master’s Foundation

    1. – A focused pathway that is designed to prepare international students for postgraduate study in the UK.- It offers you the opportunity to study a master’s degree at your chosen university.- A guaranteed opportunity for progression to a partner university (subject to achieving the pass mark required), giving you peace of mind.- Independence. Students are responsible for managing their own time, their independent study, completing homework, cooking, shopping and their budget.- Your Tuition is really affordable especially for the 1 term(semester) Master’s foundation.- The opportunity to study on the university campus, so you feel part of the university from the moment you arrive.

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