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INTERVIEW WITH DAMILOLA DARAMOLA Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Applications until 23rd of June 2022

Prof Damilola of OHIO University

Do You Qualify For This Opportunity?

Russ College of Engineering and Technology, OHIO University is interested in the following research areas – wastewater, remediation, polymer recycling, thermoset composites and computational chemistry. 

Are you a graduate student who had As and Bs in the following courses: Fluids Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer and Separations, Reaction Engineering (Kinetics) and Thermodynamics. Cs in these courses could be acceptable but would involve a discussion.

Students interested in areas such as corrosion, thermocatalytic conversion and general interests in environmental remediation and energy can also be of interest but will be referred to other professors.

Read More About Dr. Damilola Daramola

Dr. Damilola Daramola is currently an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Assistant Director for Research at the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment both at Ohio University. In his roles, Dr. Daramola conducts research in wastewater remediation, polymer upcycling, thermoset composites and computational surface science with 11 years of experience in these areas.

Specifically, Dr. Daramola has conducted research into electronic structure theory calculations predicting bulk properties and surface properties of ceramic and metallic electrocatalysts, materials characterization to validate theoretical calculations, process simulations at the plant level to evaluate environmental impact of proposed technologies and bench-scale electrochemical assessments.

Currently, Dr. Daramola is the lead investigator on a state grant ($0.2M https://www.ohio.edu/engineering/news/chemical-engineering-researcher-wins-grant-watershed-pollutant-research) and a pending federal grant ($2.0M https://www.energy.gov/eere/amo/fy21-research-and-development-advanced-water-resource-recovery-systems-selections-table) on resource recovery from animal and human waste and he is a published author on 9 peer-reviewed journal articles and 1 book chapter in these research areas (with 2 manuscripts currently under review).

He is a 2-time Ohio University alumnus with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering received in 2004 and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering received in 2011.

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