IELTS in Nigeria

Looking For An IELTS Training Centre in Lagos or Nigeria at Large? Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic ravaging the World, TGM Education now provides online training professionally for people looking to write IELTS in Lagos and across the whole of Nigeria.


Experienced IELTS Tutors

Our IELTS tutors are highly trained and are experts with over 8 Years experience. An 8.0+ band-score is possible with us.

Free IELTS Materials

Once registration is complete, TGM Education will provide free IELTS training materials that will be used during the whole time.

IELTS Exam Date Selection

All our IELTS students have the luxury of selecting the dates best convenient for them as we are partners with British Council. 


Live IELTS online Training

We offer personalized training’s with our IELTS tutors who will provide the one-on-one experience needed to ensure you ace your exams. You can choose to attend classes physically or virtually. We provide both packages.


IELTS Exam Registration and Our Training Centres

We are partners with British council and have access to choose convenient dates for all our students. With us, you can register for IELTS exams and pick a date that works best for you


We Can Help Past Your Deadlines For IELTS Exam Registration

Due to our partnership with British Council, We can help you secure your ielts exam registration here in Nigeria even after deadlines have gone past.


​Customer stories

Abdullahi A. Yaro

I am really pleased with TGM Education and how they made my IELTS training go smoothly. I will always recommend them.

Abdulhamid Sabo

My IELTS training was really interesting and successful. All the way in Kano and TGM Education ensured my training was swift.

Interested In Writing Your IELTS in Nigeria?

Register for IELTS with TGM Education. We have our IELTS training centres in Lagos and can offer personalized one-on-one training’s for you anywhere you are in Nigeria. We are very affordable and ensure that you get the value for your money with a 30 day money back guarantee.

How Much Is IELTS exam?

We have noticed that a lot of people ask this question and we have decided to provide a straight forward answer. IELTS exams are of two kinds, the Academic and General IELTS exams. The cost of both exams is N75,000.00

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