International Law with professional experience LLB (Hons) – Kingston University

Economics and Finance BA (Hons) – Leeds Beckett University
Nov, 2019

Course Content

Total learning: 16 lessons Time: 156 weeks

Year 1  0/5

Year 1 introduces the foundations of international business. You'll cover the environmental influences faced by organisations, including key issues such as supply and demand, industrial structure, economies of scale, and investment in human capital. You'll also study international marketing and think about the relationship between marketing and other business functions. You will begin the business readiness programme in preparation for your Business Practice in Year 2.

Year 2  0/6

In Year 2 you'll develop your problem-solving and decision-making skills in the context of international business functions. You will also explore the cultural context of business operations. In addition you will complete stage 2 of the business readiness programme. You will carry out your Business Practice in Year 2 from May, for a minimum of three months.

Optional Year  0/0

You have the option to take an additional year to study abroad or to undertake a year-long work placement (or even a mix of both).
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Final Year  0/5

Your final year develops your critical understanding and your ability to contribute to strategic thinking in a global business. Working alongside students from around the world, you will undertake a group consultancy project for an international company. You will also explore corporate social responsibility in an international context.