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Total learning: 11 lessons Time: 156 weeks

Year 1  0/4

Year 1 introduces the principles of interior design. Recent projects include designing an event within a 17th century palace and the radical reuse of a former department store and disused steel works.

Year 2  0/4

Year 2 focuses on the processes of interior design. Projects have included developing a hotel attached to the International Space Station and the redesign of transport interchanges in collaboration with Transport for London.

Optional Year  0/0

You can choose to study or work abroad through the University's Study Abroad programme or the Erasmus programme during your degree.
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Final Year  0/3

Your final year focuses on the practice of interior design. You'll complete a dissertation, a portfolio and a major design project. This project will reflect everything you've learnt and will be the most significant expression of your personal design vision. Examples of recent projects include designing pop-up events with Speedo for the Rio 2016 games and the creative reuse of former factories, hotels and performance venues.
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