Fine Art & Art History BA (Hons) – Kingston University

Sep, 2019

Course Content

Total learning: 12 lessons Time: 156 weeks

Year 1  0/4

Year 1 introduces research skills and visual art practice in traditional and new media. You will undertake independent studio practice, and build confidence through technical and studio-based workshops. Lectures, seminars, workshops, visits, projects, and modules in art history offer historical knowledge, creative research methods, and an understanding of concepts for interpreting contemporary art.

Year 2  0/4

In Year 2 you'll develop your individual creative expression and build your interdisciplinary experience and collaborative skills. This includes optional live projects. You'll develop technical skills and explore a wide range of source material in a critical and analytical context.

Year 3  0/4

Year 3 focuses on independent study. Your work will articulate increasingly subtle and complex visual arguments, reflecting current critical, conceptual, theoretical and aesthetic issues. You will produce work for a final portfolio, exhibition and review. You will also examine an art history theme through a guided independent research project, and complete a dissertation. This will enable you to explore a topic in detail and reflect on the links between theory and practice.