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Our courses are designed to help you learn real-life concepts that can be applied to different business problems and will train you to become a qualified professional who can succeed in any kind of business environment.

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Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is located in the heart of Berlin and focuses on helping graduates to become exceptional leaders in their chosen field. Every course we offer is designed with these principles in mind, which is why each programme focuses on improving your practical business skills and understanding of the industry. 

Why Choose BSBI?

We have refined our overall lesson aids and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) presence - One of the Best in The World

Quick Facts

  • We have improved our learning resources by increasing our subscription levels (including access to academic journals) and by adding many more physical books in our libraries.
  • 94% of graduates are in work of further study within 6 months of graduation. 
  • Cheap rents, growth in investment are helping to attract entrepreneurial business graduates to the German city. Berlin is at the heart of this growth. A cosmopolitan city where English is widely spoken, Berlin has attracted large numbers of entrepreneurs from abroad.
  • A safe city to live in
  • You will receive a qualification from the renowned European institution: Università Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno.
  • International students from over 100 countries worldwide choose Ulster every year for the unique experience studying in Northern Ireland offers them.
  • BSBI has integrated the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) into the heart of their teaching and e-learning programmes. Students are able to access a ‘Virtual’ room as either a duplicate or extension of their physical classroom is a clear advantage for learners and teachers alike.
  • From affordable tuition fees and accommodation to high graduate employability, BSBI offers international students an outstanding German study experience that prepares international students as leaders in their future careers.

Why Berlin?

Economic Opportunity


As the capital of Germany - the 4th largest economy in the world - Berlin is a major international center of business, research, tourism and creative industries.

Start-up Capital of Europe


Attracted by low rents and a high level of investment opportunities, Berlin is now home to one of the biggest start-up communities in the world - second only to Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

Affordable Living Costs


Living expenses in the city are far cheaper than many other popular student destinations such as London, Sydney and Toronto.

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