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American University of Barbados, School of Medicine shines as a beacon of excellence in the island nation of Barbados. With the strength of its highly accomplished faculty and effective teaching methodology, AUB has been providing quality medical education to students from around the world.

At AUB , it is our mission to provide the world with a cadre of physicians who are not just equipped with the most contemporary medical knowledge but are also empathetic individuals who are revered by the society for the compassion they demonstrate in their practice. AUB’s conducive learning environment promotes professional as well as personal growth.

The American University of Barbados, School of Medicine is accredited by CAAM-HP and also by the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC) and is among the top universities of the Caribbean. Chartered by the Government of Barbados, Licensed & Recognized by the Ministry of Education, Barbados, it is also certified by ECFMG, listed with FAIMER and World Federation for Medical Education. It is also recognized by the Medical Council of Canada and Medical Council of India.


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Salient Features of AUB

1- Structured Integration Methodology: Teaching through Structured Integration Methodology and Problem Based Learning.

2- Medical Games Centre: 3D Animation, Simulation and Medical Games Centre.

3- USA Approved Curriculum: USMLE focused teaching with USA style and approved curriculum.

4- Diverse Student Community:  Experience of studying in an establishment consisting of a Diverse Student Community that enables awareness of varied cultural practices.

5. Medical Professionals: AUB student can practice as medical professionals anywhere after giving the requisite examination of the country of their choice.

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