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We offer a variety of high quality and flexible programmes, in the academic field, pre-university level and in the English language field.



Tuition Fees As Low As £8000 To  Study In The UK
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The International General Certificate  of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language curriculum offered to students to prepare them for A Level and Foundation courses.

Key Facts

Age: 14-17

Start Dates: September (January entry may be considered for suitable applicants)

Course Length: Usually 6 terms. (3 terms = 1 year)

Hours per Week: 3 per subject on average in class

Course content: Up to 9 subjects, with English lessons provided as appropriate.

Progression: AS/A Level and Foundation Courses


A Levels are the standard UK route to gain entrance to a UK university. Students take four subjects in their first year (AS Level) and three subjects in the second year (A2 Level)

Key Facts

Age: 16-19

Start Dates: September (January may be considered for suitable applicants)

Course Length: Usually 6 terms (3 terms = 1 year)

Hours per Week: 5-6 per subject on average in class

Course content: 3 or 4 subjects, studied in detail, including private research time, plus IELTS or general English language lessons where appropriate.

Progression: University. This independent  qualification can also be used for employment.

Foundation Courses

University Foundation courses offer students a fast track, one-year route to a wide range of British and other international university degree courses as an alternative to A Levels.

Key Facts

Minimum Age: 16

Start Dates: September and January. Other times by arrangement.Course Length: Normally 3 terms. Possibly 2 terms for January entry.

Hours per week: 16 plus private studies

Number in Class: Maximum 15, though the average is 7.

Course Content: Study Skills, Information Technology, Mathematics and English where necessary, plus subject-specific lessons.

Appropriate for: Students who have completed their secondary education in their own country but have not met the entry requirements for their chosen course or university.

Course Progression: University.

Pre-sessional Courses

Our pre-sessional courses are preparatory courses which are completed before your main course of study in the UK. These courses are designed to enable you learn the skills or knowledge necessary to adjust to living and studying in the UK.

Keys Facts

Minimum Age: 14Start Dates: Various dates during the academic yearCourse Length: Minimum one term.Number in Class: Maximum 15, though the average is 7 during the academic year.Course Content: English language and academic preparation.Appropriate for: Students who need to improve their English or academic ability before beginning their main course of study.Course Progression: GCSE/ AS/A Level and Foundation Courses depending on academic level.

Testimonials From Students

How You Could Save A Lot Of Money If Planning To Study Abroad In Sept 2022

Abbey is not just a school or a community, it is a family which I was quite happy to be part of. Considering the fact it is one of the first foundation colleges in the UK, I was delighted when I was offered admission to this prestigious college. Everything and everyone is treated with love and happiness

Nigeria – Foundation Law (2017 – 2018)

Life at Abbey College is incredible. It gives students an opportunity to find friends from different countries, learn many new things about each other’s culture, improve English skills and focus on studies. Besides, there are many entertaining games and activities which can refresh minds. Therefore, teenagers here can start their days full of energy and can focus on their lessons even better.

IRAN – GCSE (2017 – 2018)

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