Work Visas For International Graduates Are Called For By UK Universities

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With international enrollments “flatlining” in the UK, Universities in the UK are asking for the return of post-study visas which give room to students to remain in the country for a period of 2 years after graduating. The Guardian recently reported on the situation and here is a closer look.

Toward “A Competitive Edge”

Presently, there are up to 450,000 international students who study in Britain yearly. These include about 134,835 from the EU. Nonetheless, according to Universities in the UK, the UK is falling behind its competitors when it comes to getting more overseas students.


“The UK remains an extremely popular destination for international students, attracting more students from abroad except the much larger US. However, the UK’s closest competitors, such as the USA, Australia, France and Germany, all continue to grow at a faster rate in the UK.”

Precisely, while the increase of students in the UK is 0.5%, Australia, US and Germany have seen an increase of 10.7%, 9.4% and 8.7% Respectively.

Sending a Sign

According to the chairman of UK universities international policy network, the reintroduction of a new time-bound visa would send a “hell of a signal” to the world that the UK is open to them.

Without demonstration such for the meantime, uncertainty may lead to stagnation. According to Smith – “I think we are in danger of losing our position as one of the world leaders in international education. The market is buoyant, but the UK is flatlining in terms of international students.”

The UK as a country needs to make it clear that international students are absolutely welcome. I think now is the time, when we are 29 weeks from Brexit allegedly, to make a grand statement about welcoming in a new era where global talent can come to this country, study, work afterwards and thereby deal with the number-one issue with the economy, which is productivity, allowing those skilled workers enter the workforce,” Smith continues.

Smith referred to countries like the US, Australia and Canada which allow graduates to stay and work in the country for a period of time after getting done with school. The UK’s University minister Sam Gyimah recently commented on the subject calling for increased efforts to get international students into the UK

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