The Rules For Improving Your Academic Performance

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The Rules For Improving Your Academic Performance

In your university days, you will want to succeed in everything – including your courses. That is a normal thing for students but they are guidelines that will help you achieve it or totally mess up your performance.

The Do’s to help improve your performance academically

  1. Discover What Your Weaknesses Are

The truth is you already have an idea what you are good at. Continue being good at those things but to succeed in classrooms, you also need to know where you need help. Begin by looking at your grades and identify where you don’t do well, try to understand what courses are the most difficult for you to assimilate. For an instance, if you keep scoring low grades in courses were you are required to do a lot of writing; you may need to brush up on your writing skills.

Another very important part is to figure out what is stopping you. Are your grades being affected by some external factors such as study-time and space, specific skills, negative peer pressure? There is a high chance that some of these factors could have negative effects on your grades. However, if you can successfully identify where you need help, please endeavor to get it. Talk to your Student Counselors, Lecturers, Parents and maybe Friends and get the help you need so you can be amongst the best.

  1. Do not be silent in Class. Ask Questions where you don’t understand

Pay attention, focus and concentrate in class. Where you do not understand, do not be scared to ask a question. Even if it is you trying to clarify a topic, do not be bothered or shy to ask. Someone else in that same classroom may have that same question as you. Always take notes, reflect on them and ask any questions about subjects you need to understand better. You will be glad you did.

  1. Try to Stay Healthy! Eat Good Food and Exercise when you can

We do not need to over flog the issue of staying healthy. Physical activity keeps your body and its organs strong. In a study by researchers in Denver in 2011, it was discovered that students who are physically fit and healthy do a lot better in school. Therefore, all you need to do is try to eat healthy (balanced diets), drink lots of water, reduce or eliminate unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking, always step out for recreation and play when you have the time to.

  1. Build on your Planning/Organizational Skills

We are not referring to just organizing your study space and making it look neat, we mean plan and organize your day. By so doing, you won’t be caught unprepared for tasks and you will be able to prioritize and work towards your goals.

A little tip on how you can get things done on time is this  – Put the hard stuff at the top of your list and try to solve that first; You can then do the easy stuff later.

The Rules For Improving Your Academic Performance

The Don’ts Of Good Grades Or Face The Consequences

  1. Do Not Get Machines / Ghostwriters for your essays and course-works

To be honest, it is totally wrong to submit work which is not yours. It is also illegal to claim someone else’s work. While we are aware that academic writing can be tough, we expect that all you can do is ask for help. The reason you are in school is to enable you learn challenging and difficult things; you can ask for help. Do not go and get someone else do your work for you because at the end, you will still not have gotten the learning outcome of that course or essay and sincerely, the purpose of going to school is hugely defeated.

  1. Do Not Abuse Prescription Medication

It is normally very tempting especially when you know other people are using prescriptions to enable them stay up later or concentrate. Truth be told, any medication being used without a doctor’s prescription even if it seems to be solving an immediate problem can be very dangerous and have huge repercussions.

We do know that in sports, usage of medication to boosts performance is illegal and unethical because they give sportsmen the undue advantage over their competitors and they have dangerous side effects later on. In the academic line, it is similar as the reality is that prescription medications that are used outside its prescribed intent will eventually get you in trouble (health wise or legally).

To summarize this part – do not take other people’s prescriptions, do not share yours with anyone, and do not take medications for any reason other than their intended use.

  1. Do Not Ever Give Up

Do not end up giving in. Failure is not an option, instead get help.

It is normal to feel bad if you did not do as well as you expected but don’t let that drown you in sorrow. Get your attitude right, take a positive approach and get the help you need, move forward, study a bit more. For what it’s worth, even if you think you are moving slowly, you should know you are not.

  1. Avoid Staying Up All Night

It is dangerous and it is not going to get you closer to your goal. Staying up all thru the night has serious disadvantages on your immune system, your ability to concentrate and also making effective and right decisions. Never exhaust yourself completely, that is not the answer to better performance. Avoid this at all costs.

In Summary, with a positive attitude, perseverance

You can improve your academic performance with a positive attitude, determination,  grit and hard work. It is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. Do not forget to always try again and be eager to do better than the last time.

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