The Explanation Surrounding The Myth That Nigerian Students Perform Better In Foreign Institutions

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Cambridge International Education (CIE) officials recently described Nigerians as highly intellectual individuals who have the capacity to compete satisfactorily with their peers around anywhere in the world.

Regional Director for Sub Saharan Africa, Juan Visser and Country Examination Manager for Nigeria, Marinee Nottingham who spoke with The Guardian on the sideline of the 2018 British Council Recognition and Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award in Lagos, said the performance of the award recipients is at par with global standards (Source: The Guardian).

Well it is not surprising coming from such a credible institution that Nigerian Students are absolutely bright and have the ability to shine amongst their peers globally. However, the main question one should always ask is this –


Below are some reasons that were identified after speaking with a few students who have studied both in Nigeria and also abroad.

  • A student pointed out that Nigerian Lecturers have very high egos and find themselves in competition with students who tend to show a level of brilliancy. Majority of the lecturers in Nigeria measure their pride by the number of students who fail their course. They pride themselves with the notion that they (the lecturers) were too brilliant, hence their ability to understand the concepts in their discipline. It is common in universities in Nigeria to hear a lecturer tell his students that they can never earn an A or B in their course. This arrogance already kills the morale of any bright student because they have the impression that no matter how hard they try, they won’t get an A; so students resort to the “Why Bother?” attitude.
  • The never-ending strikes of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is a major setback to students at home. This has caused a few to drop out of school while for others, they are completely tired of the very long school calendar they are forced to accept as opposed to their plans of graduating between 4-5 years. Students after experiencing such strikes are no longer bothered about reading for excellent grades. They only hope to speedily go thru all their exams and leave school, even if it is with just a pass before another strike befalls the institution.
  • Most of our tertiary universities run by the Federal and State Governments have very poor learning environments no matter how much they try to get good facilities. The learning environment is always not too conducive to help with proper learning. The classes may not have enough seats to accommodate all students, they most likely don’t have cooling systems like A.C’s to help during hot seasons, fans if existent may not work properly or be able to carter for the over filled classroom and other factors too numerous to list. This is one of the reasons private run universities in Nigeria hike their fees since they have been able to provide better learning environments for its students.

In conclusion, students who have the opportunity to study abroad always outshine their peers because of the factors that surround these schools and the system. Studying abroad is not only a fascinating experience for the students but also a strengthening factor towards ensuring excellence in studies, career choices and life generally after school.

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