You Can Now Stay Back And Work In Ireland After Graduation

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It is no longer news that a lot of people in Nigeria are trying out other countries to see if they can earn a better living. While we are not saying it is a certainty to be a millionaire when you leave the shores of Nigeria, a more stable and gratifying economy might be able to help you get ahead with your finances and future generally! So this is how you can live and work in Ireland

This is when studying in Ireland is an excellent choice for Nigerians and International Students in general. Ireland now issues what is called PSW (Post Study Work) visa which is called the Third Level Graduate Programme. This entitles international students to stay in the country after graduation to work. For Bachelors graduates, they are entitled to a 12 Months stay while for Masters holders; they have up to 24 Months (an initial 12 months which can now be renewed). You can find out more on this on the Irish Governments website here.


At this point, one can now apply for a work permit in Ireland of which there are various types. The Standard one is called the General Employment Permit and it is issued for the first 2 years and could be renewed for a further 3 years. That just gave you a total of 5 years, Is that not amazing? One more very interesting fact is that you may be able to bring your family after you might have worked for one year to live with you there!

However, some types of employments are ineligible for this class of visa and some criteria must be met (mostly by the employer) if you have to be eligible. One of the most significant information is that you should be earning a minimum of €30,000. However, there are exceptions where the amount you earn Is lower but your employer is prepared and ready to sponsor you.

You can read more about it here

Finally, It is possible to now apply for a long-term residency when you have been legally and living in Ireland for 5 Years. A spouse and/or a dependant(s) may also apply for Long Term Residency. More information on Long Term Residency can be found at the Government Website Here!

We have just showed you how you can earn a decent income, work and live in a country with a vibrant economy and can eventually move your family if you have the dream of staying abroad. While this sounds like a herculean task, all you need to do is get in touch with TGM Education and we will have a free consultation service with you. Thank you for your time in reading this article and we look forward to hearing from you.

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