Ideally if you can bring your school transcript, proof of English ability (eg an IELTS score), study plan, reference letters and portfolio if applicable, we can accelerate the process of your application. However, it is not necessary to have all this paperwork ready for the first meeting. You can just come to our office for the initial counselling and we will advise you on what and how best to prepare the application documents. In addition to the above we would like to see applicant's / sponsor's bank account statement to ascertain funding capability.

No! We offer a FREE service! Institutions are keen to attract a wide range of students to study there, as this gives each and every student a broader education and introduces them to a variety of different cultures and ways of thinking. As a result they are happy to pay for organizations such as TGM Educations to help students in the various different countries in the world and ensure they can most easily find the right courses and institutions for their study abroad goals.

It is better to make your applications as quickly as possible and best if within one month of being counselled by your TGM counsellor. UK universities make offers for their courses on a first come first served basis so the sooner you apply the better your chances of success. Just get all your documents ready (an English score can be submitted later if it is needed in most cases) and come to fill out the application forms. Then you can relax and let TGM take care of everything for you!

Most master’s programmes do not have deadlines. Only a few courses in some universities do (for example Royal College of Art, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, UCL, music courses and some art courses). At undergraduate level UCAS will impose some deadlines. Please contact your TGM counsellor for more details.

Yes, if you take one of the SELT (Secure English Language Test) i.e TOEFL, Pearson or IELTS etc to upgrade your English language qualification.

The sooner to meet the school's and UKVI requirements the better!!

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