Did you Know That Nurses Earn up to 16Million / Year in the UK?

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Nurses In The UK Earn Up To 16Million

Nurses that earn up to 16Million per year is just what anyone in this field should consider. With or without Brexit, the United Kingdom is currently facing a nursing shortage, and it is unclear if efforts to plug its near 40,000-strong nurse gap are moving fast enough to maintain current standards of care for citizens across the union.

Do you hold a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Nursing Studies?

Would You Want To Begin A Career In Nursing In The UK?

Nurses In The UK Earn Up To 16Million

Nursing registrations from EU nationals have Plummeted since 2016 Brexit referendum.

Nursing Graduates will be equipped with clinical, communication, research and leadership skills that will enable you to provide high quality, patient-centred care. Nursing is both a rewarding and exciting career and the qualities and qualifications you will possess will create opportunities in a huge range of care settings, in the UK and Internationally. As a Nurse, If You earn 16Million, i.e. about BGP33,000 per year, You are doing exceedingly well for yourself.

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4 Responses to “Did you Know That Nurses Earn up to 16Million / Year in the UK?”

  1. Am interested in studying nursing in UK I have no previous career in nursing . I have studied for foundation in business in UK 2015 to 2016 I want to know the chances I have obtaining Visa for this program and also for my daughter who ll 8months old in September that will accompany me during my study.

    • TGM Education says :

      Thank you so much for your Interest. It is very possible to get your visa to go study Nursing and possibly for your daughter too. You do have a travel history so getting you to get a Visa and secure your career in Nursing over the UK is definitely possible for you. We will send you a mail today. Please check your inbox!

  2. Ughaghwa. O. Henry says :

    Am interested in the program. I have a background in pharmacology