Does The Approach of the Christmas season affect student’s Learning?

Do you feel the Christmas season affect student’s learning? With the Joys and Strains of Christmas being fresh in our minds, it is important to look deeply at what it might be doing to our minds. The world at large celebrates Christmas and in the UK particularly, many schools have celebrations that could last for weeks. Knowing this, we should consider the strain it can have on learning effectively and whether or not, you will want to focus on the vast celebrations or still try to keep learning the whole point of going to school in the first place.

The Effects on Students Physically

While Christmas is quite a hectic time for everyone anywhere in the world, it is very important for schools to stick to the curricular activities and not stray from the educational syllabus. Student Learning can be affected due to the many different activities happening at the same time these periods. There is a lot of excitement and stress levels that follow the build-up to Christmas which eventually cause most students to be distracted and less likely to concentrate in the class. These hyperactive moods can cause a total lack of motivation and while it is challenging to get a whole class to pay attention and learn properly when they are all excited about the same upcoming events … It can be the Teacher’s/Lecturers Night Mare. Although almost all schools have about 2-3 weeks break towards the Christmas holidays, many students seem to be in the holiday mode long before the last day of the term/session.


The Avoidance of Academic Work

One other vital point to note is that the Christmas season comes with distraction to the set of academic activities. We can argue or agree that a lot of time which could have been used for learning goes into planning end of year parties and shows. For those In various drama groups, they will spend most of their time outside the classrooms trying to rehearse for the perfect show thereby losing crucial learning time. In addition to that, performing in front of a wide audience can be quite overwhelming and this can lead to further distraction during lesson times. So, One can say the approach of Christmas season affect student’s Learning.

The Xmas Holidays Can Cause Unintended Isolation

Teaching Tolerance highlighted a point which revealed that the Christmas time can have ‘negative consequences that were not intentional’. Take a look at this scenario – Students who do not celebrate the Christmas holidays may tend to feel isolated and out of place. With this in Mind, Schools can use alternative means and make the celebrations less traditional and include everyone. One way to get this done is to include different cultural / Social beliefs instead of concentrating solely on the Xmas Holiday.

However, in conclusion – Christmas is a traditional part of many schools and for these schools to diverge from this tradition may be seen as Grinch-like amongst the most part of our population. Instead of banning Christmas from the schools who celebrate the holiday, it may be more beneficial for them to celebrate it in an academically organised manner as not to divert from the school curriculum.

Feel free to let us know in the comment box what you think on the issues of Christmas periods and its effect on student’s learning and academic results!

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