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It’s been a while you got to really look closely at what benefits you stand to gain from truly being educated. While many think it is just a requirement that is expected of anyone to have, the truth is there are very few who have no education and have been able to impact the society

Getting to Study Abroad is quite an exciting experience, however, you need to be certain you are making clever decisions that will reward you in future. You might be sure you want to study in certain tertiary institutions abroad but without the right information, you might only go so far. Understanding the facts of studying

4 Advantages of Using an Educational Agency

One of the toughest decisions you will have to make when looking to study abroad is which institution is good enough or best for you to study. While your friends and family may try to help you in choosing one, finally making a decision and applying to a school overseas can be a difficult process.


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Talk about my future

Good Day to you there… Would you want to talk about your future. Then you should take some time to read thru this. TGM Education is organizing an event for everyone tagged: TALK ABOUT MY FUTURE! This is an Event for Everyone … Everyone has a role to play. TGM Education provides you the opportunity


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Angla Ruskin University

Hoooraaayyyy!!! It is that time of the year again where Anglia Ruskin University visits Nigeria to talk to students who are interested in taking up a course with them. Anglia Ruskin University has so much it offers its students from Attractive scholarships to amazing discounts and many rewards for academic excellence. If you are present


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NORTHUMBRIA  UNIVERSITY visits TGM EDUCATION For September 2018 admission Northumbria is offering Nigerian students either an Academic Scholarship of £4000 (subject to meeting specific GPA requirements) or a Nigeria Country Bursary of £2500. This is valid for the first year of study. Northumbria offers a range of scholarships for International Students up to £2000. In addition, international

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