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Nursing Times 'UK Educator of the Year'

As spring seems to be (finally) arriving here in Britain, I thought that it was time for some unbridled optimism and good vibes all around. I have also noted the recurrent feedback from some of my readers that I spend more of my time mentioning areas where nursing in the UK is slightly frustrating to

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5G and the future! With the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) targeting 2019 to standardise Fifth-Generation networks (5G), Ericsson Mobility Report has predicted that Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa will witness their first Five G subscriptions by 2022. The November edition of Ericsson Mobility Report revealed that the number of 5G subscriptions in SSA

Nurses In The UK Earn Up To 16Million

Nurses that earn up to 16Million per year is just what anyone in this field should consider. With or without Brexit, the United Kingdom is currently facing a nursing shortage, and it is unclear if efforts to plug its near 40,000-strong nurse gap are moving fast enough to maintain current standards of care for citizens

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Personal Statements are very important documents which support a student’s application to study a particular course in a given university. A personal statement should show to the admission officers that you have the qualities, background and aptitude for the desired course. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING PERSONAL STATEMENT Your reasons for choosing the course The background to

tgm education road show 2019

The biggest educational fair in 2019 is set to be held by TGM Education. 5 Cities – 6 Locations!!! Why Don’t You Choose Your Location? You Are Invited To Attend The TGM Educational Roadshow 2019 This March FOR FREE! You will have the opportunity of meeting with over 30+ Reps from more than 100 Schools

Hello there, We decided to let you know what Sergio had to say about the accommodation at Griffith University.  I studied a Bachelor of International Business at Griffith University in Brisbane. I moved to Australia 4 years ago when I was 18 years of age. I did not know anyone here but to my surprise, Australians are one of the

The Guardian University Guide 2018 rated The Top 20 Courses In CU and these are high selling courses which will definitely ensure a bright future for you. They are many reasons you want to choose a top-notch university like Coventry University. TOP 20 COURSES – CU 2018 (Guardian University Guide 2018) Film Production and Photography Mechanical

Nursing Times 'UK Educator of the Year'

The Nursing staff at the University of Stirling has earned the Nursing Times ‘UK Educator of the Year’ 2018 award, making them the winner of this award for two years consecutively. The Nursing courses at Stirling consists of the ‘BSc Nursing – Adult’ of which the students have the choice of undertaking an International or


THE ENROLLMENT OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AT US INSTITUTIONS HAVE DECLINED ACCORDING TO REPORT. A recent report has just declared that for the first time in 12 years, International Students Enrollment to Institutions in the US have declined Schools in the US have hosted over one million international students in 2016/2017, nevertheless, the overall number of

Do you feel the Christmas season affect student’s learning? With the Joys and Strains of Christmas being fresh in our minds, it is important to look deeply at what it might be doing to our minds. The world at large celebrates Christmas and in the UK particularly, many schools have celebrations that could last for

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