5G! What’s The Future Of This Technology?


5G and the future! With the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) targeting 2019 to standardise Fifth-Generation networks (5G), Ericsson Mobility Report has predicted that Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa will witness their first Five G subscriptions by 2022.

5G! What's The Future Of This Technology?

The November edition of Ericsson Mobility Report revealed that the number of 5G subscriptions in SSA is expected to reach two million by 2023.

5G has a higher capacity than current 4G, allowing a higher density of mobile broadband users, and supporting device-to-device, ultra reliable, and massive machine communications. Its research and development also aim at lower latency than 4G equipment, and lower battery consumption, for better implementation of the Internet of things (IoT).

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According to him, the 5G network will cover over 20 per cent of the world’s population by the end of 2023, and the first commercial networks, based on 5G New Radio, are expected to go live in 2019, with major deployments from 2020.

Professor Maziar Nekovee, Head of the Department of Engineering and Design at the University of Sussex, said that the introduction of 5G had the potential to be far more transformative than the arrival of 4G a decade ago with huge possibilities for industrial automation and Robotics for manufacturing which could deliver a huge boost to UK productivity

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