5 important guidelines for Naija Students who want to Study Abroad

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Getting to Study Abroad is quite an exciting experience, however, you need to be certain you are making clever decisions that will reward you in future.

You might be sure you want to study in certain tertiary institutions abroad but without the right information, you might only go so far.

Understanding the facts of studying abroad will definitely help you make a knowledgeable decision.

  • Know about the course you have in mind. 

Once you have made up your mind to study abroad, there should be an actual plan (funding, timeline, e.t.c) and the course you wish to study. You should know that not all courses you study abroad will guarantee you a nice job once you return to Nigeria just because you feel you studied abroad. Environmental factors can influence what you are taught abroad and could hardly be implementable in Nigeria. Therefore, if you have it in mind to return to Nigeria after studying abroad, you should go for a course that can enable you to practice and expand upon in Nigeria.

  • Pay attention to the extra-curricular activities present! This are Important.

Majority of the universities abroad that want to admit international students are checking out a lot more than just your grades. These institutions look closely at the activities you engage yourself in outside of just school. For an instance, foreign universities are more interested in candidates who have partaken in things like volunteering jobs, work experience (maybe part-time), playing of an instrument or even awards won from participating in active sports.

5 important guidelines for Naija Students who want to study abroad

  • English International Exams Will Mostly Be Considered (IELTS, TOEFEL or SAT)

It is certain you need more than scores, but you cannot underestimate the need for your grades to be beyond average. This is because chances are that these institutions might have a hard time understanding your transcripts, so they end up looking at these alternative exams which they clearly understand and can use it to evaluate you. It is important to excel in your English Tests such as IELTS and TOEFL because they scrutinize your English speaking abilities to know if you can keep up and participate effectively in school. 

  • Always check out for an affordable / cheaper deal

Most of these universities abroad offer scholarships or very affordable price deals as well as ability to pay in installments. Always do a proper research before making up your choice or better still, work with a trusted agency like TGM Education who have over 150+ Partner foreign universities. We also have huge discount offers for most of these schools and can guide you effectively to making a choice that works best for you.

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